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20% of the US population may get the flu each year, leading to more than 200,000 hospitalizations and approximately 36,000 flu-related deaths. The impact on the workplace is profound:

- 70 million sick days in the U.S can be attributed to the flu

    - Corporations can lose up to $10 billion annually in lost wages due to sick days
    Vaccinated workers, however, report 43% fewer sick days and 44% fewer visits to the physician due to upper respiratory distress
    Influenza can easily be prevented with yearly vaccinations.  For your convenience, Colorado Travel Health provides onsite, private employee flu shot clinics for your staff.  This easy access to flu shots administered will help ensure a healthier and more productive year for your employees!

Colorado Travel Health is now pre-booking onsite employee flu clinics for the upcoming season.

Please contact us today to make a reservation. 



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