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155 E. Boardwalk Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
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We are right in the First National Bank Building off of College Ave.

On-site visits to businesses in Boulder and surrounding areas also available.

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4772 Baseline Rd
Boulder, CO 80303
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Roxanne Royce, Executive Director
Roxanne Royce, Executive Director
2008. At base camp on Aconcagua, Argentina (one of the 7 summits)
At Colorado Travel Health, our mission is to provide the best protection and advice tailored to your exact needs-there is much more to staying healthy abroad than just getting immunized. 

Whether you are traveling for business, leisure, mountaineering, safari or mission trips, our skilled travel health specialists will assess your individual needs, administer vaccines, prescribe medications, explain important food and water precautions, and provide counsel on insect bite and malaria prevention.  We also provide customized information on up-to-the-minute news and information about travel warnings and health risks from the State Department, the CDC and the WHO.

We strive to minimize travel-related risks by providing low-cost vaccines and detailed advice and counseling.  A consultation lasting at least 30 minutes with a travel health professional to discuss vaccine recommendations and health precautions is a vital part of your protection.  Our offices are comfortable and private to ensure the best one-to-one care for your pre-travel needs.  We also have a call-out team:  ideal for corporations, mission groups and schools.

At your visit, you will receive The International Certificate of Vaccination (yellow card), in which we officially record your immunizations, as well as an informative booklet tailored to your specific travel itinerary. 

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