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Preparing for travel abroad can sometimes be overwhelming.  At Colorado Travel Health, our experienced and supportive skilled professionals can put you at ease as we guide and assist you with your preparation. 


Q:  How soon before my trip should I get my shots?
A:  Four to Six weeks before departure is recommended to give you adequate time to complete vaccines which require a series. 

Q:  Should I bring anything with me to the appointment?
A:  Yes, please bring any vaccination records you have, a list of current medications and a detailed itinerary of your trip

Q: Does insurance cover my visit?
A:  Most insurance plans do not cover vaccines related to travel because they view travel as optional.

The receipt we give you, however, has the necessary medical codes for submittal to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Colorado Travel Health accepts Discover, Visa, Mastercard, Debit cards, personal checks and cash.  

We also have direct billing for our large corporate accounts

Q:  What vaccinations do I need if I am traveling to Europe, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia or Africa?
A:  Some travelers concern themselves only with vaccines required for entry.  

Many diseases, however, such as malaria do not require proof of prevention anywhere, yet without prophylaxis you may be placing yourself at significant risk.  The Center for Disease Control lists country specific recommendations.

Q: What side effects may I experience following vaccination?
A:  Most vaccines cause no reactions outside of some local redness or tenderness at the injection site.  More serious reactions are very rare.  With a consult, you will receive CDC Vaccine Information Sheets which describe specific side effects, vaccine and disease information.    

Q:  How can I schedule an appointment?
A:  Call our main office at 720-310-0768

Q:  Do some vaccines cause illness?
A:   We provide only FDA approved vaccines which have been proven to be safe and effective through rigorous, controlled clinical trials and licensing protocols.  

Q: What is the benefit of a travel clinic consult?
A: The medical consultants at Colorado Travel Health have extensive training in travel medicine offering you up to date information, required and recommended vaccinations and prescriptions specific to your travel itinerary.  We stock all the routine travel vaccines and we are a Yellow Fever designated center.  Aside from vaccines which require a series of shots, all your needs will be addressed on one visit.

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